You can't see electricity, but you can see what it does. And while you can't see a corporate philosophy, you can see how it helps make Elliott Contracting Corporation one of the most sought-after full-service electrical contractors in the state. We believe our competitive strengths stem from a combination of old-fashioned values and a refreshing outlook.

Elliott Contracting Corporation was formed in June1993 by JohnT. Elliott.  We are a company founded on Experience.  We have assembled what we think is the most advanced, knowledgeable and customer- driven team in the industry.  Significant bonding capabilities and expertise in industry, commercial and institutional projects make us a leader in the ever-changing world of contracting.

Our design/build capabilities can be applied to any project category to create the most efficient electrical systems for our clients.  Our list of services includes cost consulting, energy evaluations and design. And we pride ourselves on problem-solving.

We want our customers to become repeat customers.  To that end, we strive to make the client happy with engineering and construction services for every stage of construction, from vision to reality.

Preconstruction services include cost estimates, schedules, constructability reviews, pre-purchasing recommendations for long lead equipment, costing design options, code and energy reviews, and mechanical and electrical coordination. We utilize innovation project controls and apply constant monitoring of project controls to measure productivity, identify small problems before they become large ones,and to schedule material deliveries efficiently.  Even when the project is finished, we're not.

Maintenance programs, 24-hour emergency service, energy evaluations and training on new equipment and materials are all part of our comprehensive services.  We think you have enough to do with out dealing with a different person each time you call.  Personal service and one-to-one client contacts facilitate progress and build trust.

While our founding principles are pretty traditional, our approach isn't, and, frankly, it's not for everybody. We've discarded a lot of the typical organizational structure, hierarchical management levels and division of labor that can limit communication and slow progress. Our people wear many hats. Our project managers stay with the clients throughout the project, from initial contact, marketing and estimating a job through project completion.

We're teambuilders. We operate with the understanding that every member of the project team provides valuable contributions, and that all parties must work together to provide the best project and the best value. Key to success is an atmosphere of professionalism and respect shared by all members of the project team. Adversarial relationships aren't just unpleasant; they're counter-productive.

Besides all that, our mission statement is really short:

Get Work - Have Fun - Make Money