projects Electrical Construction Projects

We utilize pre-construction planning to identify the electrical milestones, time frames and relationships with other building components and construction trades.  The project team develops a very detailed and accurate schedule months ahead of the start of construction and in some cases many months before design is complete.  This proactive approach on the scheduling process will allow us  to stay ahead and help maintain the construction schedule.

Accurate records are kept to provide current information regarding the direct and indirect job costs.  Weekly budget reports are generated reflecting current labor, material, equipment and indirect job costs.  This data is compared to the expenditures and preferred job progress to alert all parties of potential savings.  Weekly labor manpower reports are generated to monitor and control manpower utilization and placement.  The current manpower loading is compared to a master plan in much the same manner as overall cost data, with the same results and benefits.  All cost and labor data is summarized and compared to an established budget to confirm its continuing accuracy.

Our expectations are to have open lines of communication between the project team and Elliott Contracting.  We need cooperation from the entire project team to fully understad all the initial construction time frames to be used on the project.  Access to the Owner, Suppliers and other Subcontractors on the project team is a must to understand all of their needs.